Thursday, April 25, 2013

Actress Octavia Spencer "I lost 20 lbs"..see how she did it!

Oscar winner Octavia Spencer has lost 20 pounds over the past five months and shows it off in a new promo for Sensa, the powder-like dieting product that is sprinkled on food like salt or pepper to help suppress appetite.

Hmmm how do you all feel about appetite suppressants? I will admit I'm a bit wee bit leery of them.

“My weight has always been a struggle for me,” Octavia says on the website for Sensa, for which she is a spokesperson.

“If you tell me I can’t eat something, I’ll obsess over it and end up overeating!” she continues. “So whenever I would try to lose weight on one of those restrictive diets, I would just end up gaining the weight right back.”

The Help actress says eating less and living healthier has been a key factor in her weight loss. However she doesn’t plan to go too extreme in her dieting plans.

Yep she look perfect at her current weight! She's always said that she wanted to drop the extra load so good for her for accomplishing her goal!

Thoughts on her new svelte body?


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