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Beyonce's documentary review: the Good, the Bad & the Ugly!!

On the heels of a fantastic Superbowl show and controversial inaugural performance Beyonce Knowles-Carter is once again showing that she knows how to captivate the audience at large in just one blink of an eye. In terms of US TV tonight, friends, Beyonce dominated the airwaves. First it was Oprah's snoozefest of an interview with Beyonce and then it was the hour and half long documentary showing us a "different" side of the singer. So what did I think? Here is the good, bad and ugly on "Life is But a Dream"

The Good
1. Woo-hoo! We saw Baby Blue!!  I understand the Carter's need to protect their superstar of a baby and keep her out of the public eye. There are a lot of crazy fans out there who will keep B's bodyguard Julius employed for a lifetime. But us fans and stans want to revel in all her cuteness. Check out the 5 minute video below of Blue Ivy, it is too adorbs:

2. Jay and Bey are really REALLY in love 
Talk about a super power couple! There are really two cute moments in the documentary that stand out to me. The first, is a 2006 video where Beyonce gives a stirring speech to Jay-Z in what seems like a birthday party for the rapper. She stands in front of a small group of friends and family and proclaims her love for Blue's Dad. What I really LOVED about that snippet was that as Bey was giving the toast, she had a glass of wine in her hand. My girl! LOL!  Another special moment is where the pair are in what seems like a boat singing Coldplay's "Yellow". You can literally feel the love permeating from the TV screen. I mean at one point Beyonce places her hand ever so gingerly on Jay-Z's face and it just melts your heart! Too cute!

3. Beyonce seemed a bit vulnerable
To this day, I cannot understand how anyone with a brain believed the surrogacy rumors surrounding Beyonce. She finally addressed the nasty rumors in the documentary stating that after she experienced a miscarriage - having  baby was not something she took lightly. She even showed us a beautiful naked silhouette of her full belly and pretty much shut the haters down.

The Bad
1. Too much concert footage
Y'all let's do some math. The concert was an hour and half. And about 30 minutes of the documentary was spent on showing us concert footage. Again I am a SUPER fan of the singer. I have seen everything there is to see in terms of performance from Beyonce. The performances should have been snippets instead of the full songs. It almost seemed like another commercial for Beyonce instead of us seeing more of the singer's personal life.

2. No new music
The only new music we heard was the song that Beyonce wrote about her miscarriage. The lyrics were extremely touching and my heart just went out to her. But the gut wrenching track was for "4", her last album. That ain't no new music. Beyonce, the fans have spoken. Please release some hot issh!

3. What really happened between her and Matthew?
In the interview with Oprah I thought for sure we would get to the bottom of what happened between Bey and her former manager/Dad Matthew Knowles. Chile, they glossed over that issue something terrible. Yes I get that Mam O and Bey are friends but I want to know what really happened. What about the allegations of infidelity between Matthew and Tina? Or the alleged child he fathered outside of the marriage? I wanted details!!

The Ugly
1. Nothing ugly about the documentary.
Was it too hyped up? Yes. Was Beyonce's image still controlled? Of course! Did we really learn anything new? Absolutely not. But as a fan I still enjoyed the entire documentary. On a scale of 1-10, I would give it a solid 8. Totally worth watching!

Did you see it? What did you think?



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