Monday, February 18, 2013

4 things I learned from Danai Gurira's appearance on "The View"

"The Walking Dead" actress Danai Gurira was on  US chat show "The View" this morning looking all kinds of beautiful. I have to track down who designed her black and white print dress, it was TOO fab. She was witty, charming and extremely engaging. Check out the 4 things I learned from her on talk show today.
1. She is stunningly beautiful gorgeous.
It's no secret that Danai is a Zimbabwean beauty! When she walked out onset all "The View" co-hosts were just gushing over her beauty!

2. "The toughest action hero on TV"
Danai told the ladies that playing an action hero on TV was so easy for her. She says "I've always been a tough kid and a tomboy growing up".

 3. There's a Zombie school?
Yep you got it. Danai confirmed that Greg Nicatera (the man who creates the prosthetics for the hit show) has a school  and is always on set making sure the actors function the way a zombie does. Danai laughs "If you are getting too lively, you gotta go back to zombie school.." Hilarious!

4. How did growing up in Zim help her in "The Walking Dead"?
Danai says the show to her -  is more about how folks would behave in a war zone and questioning what kind of person they would become in a dire situation. Expanding further she says "growing up in Southern Africa it sort of related to me as a war zone". Hmmm interesting!

Check out the full clip below of Danai wowing the ladies on The View!

P.s Remember when Elle Magazine confused Danai for Nene on the red carpet a few weeks ago? I wish they have asked them about since they were both on the show at the same time. So take that Elle - NeNe and Danai are NOT the same people!

Thoughts on Danai's interview?


  1. growing up in Southern Africa it sort of related to me as a war zone

    what the hell? why would she say that?

  2. In what way was growing up in Southern Africa like a warzone? There hasn't been a war in Southern Africa for decades.

  3. I understand what Danai was trying to say but I'm not sure about the war zone comparisons. Seems a little far fetched to me!


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