Monday, December 3, 2012

Are African Men Bad Kissers?

Ladies is there anything WORSE than a sloppy wet kiss? Yes part of kissing involves saliva but surely it shouldn't feel like a waterworks show right? Remind me to tell you about my horrendous experience back in the day in another blog post..

Just last week I was online watching an interesting documentary called Eaten By The Heart which was created by Zina Saro-Wiwa. The documentary explores love and intimacy amongst Africans and African diasporic peoples. In the video clips we see various people talking about their experiences in kissing in African culture.

I have heard from my ladies that SOME of our African brothers aren't that great in the kissing department. So it got me to thinking- could it be that since kissing originated in the Europe (it is called French kissing after all) that perhaps it's something that our people just have yet to acclimate to it? Also is it a generational thing? Are younger African men better kissers than the older generation?

What do you think? Are African men bad kissers?



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