Thursday, November 1, 2012

INSPIRATIONAL images that will MAKE you go out and vote!!

Thank you  Hurricane Sandy! This was the hectic scene at the bus station today :(
I decided to heed the advice of FLOTUS Michelle Obama today and get out to the polls & vote early. As you know Hurricane Sandy pretty much ravaged New York and snarled our usually fast transportation system. Guys, it took me 5 hours door to door to go vote. On a normal day this would have been an hour long exercise. That sh!t cray! While I was waiting to cast my vote, I became a bit impatient with the lengthy process associated with casting my ballot. Then slowly but surely images started flooding my head.

I began to see images of women that fought tirelessly for my right to vote 
Old men that traveled for days and endured dangerous conditions across many miles just to vote

Courageous women that dedicated their lives to the cause
And finally people that died without having the right to vote
Right there and then it became clear that my 5 hours was nothing! Absolutely trivial. On November 6, it doesn't matter who you go and vote for (although if you have ANY ounce of common sense you will Obama) vote as if your life depends on it because it just might.

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