Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Zimbabwe's 1st celebrity ADULT entertainer? Things that make you go hmmm

Well, well, well what do we have here?!?

Meet Beverly Sibanda. In her circles she is known as one of Zimbabwe's most successful adult entertainers. Can I be honest for a second? I actually didn't even know that there was an adult entertainment business in Zim, let alone successful people in it. I guess you learn something new everyday! Back to Beverly though... the 21 year old Harare based stripper landed herself back in the headlines this week after releasing an interesting video.

Entitled 'Bev Jail House: This is My Story' the video posted on YouTube, pokes fun at the police over her arrest in Zimbabwe this past September. The mom of one claims that the po-po questioned her overnight about her pole dancing moves and while in custody she says the authorities forced her to dance for them. Really now? I guess anything is possible. Frankly, I saw the video and it's nothing to write home about. Watch it here and judge for yourself. 

So this got to me to thinking, are Zimbabwean men and women really ready for their first celebrity adult entertainer?  A quick Google search of Bev reveals numerous articles and posts about her; no one can deny that home girl is certainly making her presence known.

And what about the ladies?

“Previously, women were jealous of me, thinking that I was a home-wrecker but that has since changed because they now appreciate that I am an artist". Word on the street is that she is  a much sought after entertainer at most baby showers and bachelorette parties. The ladies wanna learn how to twerk something too!

Talk to me people. Given Zimbabwean's conservative nature does someone like Beverly have a place in our society? Is she opening up the dialogue about Zimbabwean women and their sexuality or is she really setting us back? Thoughts?


  1. Honestly stories like this doesnt surprise me anymore especially after Palesa Mbau's " coming out " . I remember someone commenting on an article saying that taking nude pictures is okay because its the 21st Century, and this is a lot ' crazier ' than nude pictures. Its news but not so big news.

    1. Ok now who is Palesa Mbau? I will
      have to look her up. I guess it's not about the story being big news than the discussion point about Zimbabwean women and their sexuality. That is a topic that isn't often discussed and that's what I kinda want people to think about...

  2. There is no jobs available and certainly Bev does what feeds her family.She is not commiting a crime but she is probably acting at loggerheads with Zim's conservative ways.Hey the world is living on a Marxist 'survival of the fittest' way.This lady may be the long narrow road to changing people's views about artists and the society needs to let loose these steriotypical achaic beliefs and get along with the winds of time as is the whole world.I will book Bev to lap dance for me on my birthday and invite the Zim police commissioner!

    1. Let me know how that works out for you Jabulani :)


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