Sunday, October 28, 2012

Word on the street is you can take these 4 pills to lose weight without exercise!

While going through my DVR this weekend, I came across an interesting topic on a US chat show. According to a doctor who appeared on "The View" you can actually lose weight without diet and exercise by taking a few pills or natural herbs from around the world. Hmmm interesting. So I just thought I would share them with you guys and get your feedback

Disclaimer: I am not endorsing these products, just sharing data. Please check with a doctor before you take any pills. That being said,  I may try one of these supplements just to see how it works out.
This plant from India is said to do two things. One is sending a signal to the brain that you are full and the second is it stopping  fat cells from forming
This green coffee bean has chlorogenic acid which stops the body from absorbing sugar into the bloodstream. So if you have no sugar in the blood it can translate to no fat in the body
The ketones liberates the fat and are also great for dropping the last 5 or 10 lbs.
This food from Africa has 25x more iron than spinach, 17x more calcium than milk and 9x more protein than yogurt.When you get it into your body, your blood sugar comes down and energy goes up.  So in a sense your body think it has nutrients so you don't have to eat volumes of food.
Have you ever tried any of the supplemements listed above? If any of you guys are readers or doctors please chime in on the validity of these superfoods! Thoughts?

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