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In the November issue of O Magazine, Oprah Winfrey caught up with the First Family in for an in-depth interview prior to the US Presidential elections. You can read the entire article here for all interesting tidbits but what caught my eye was Michelle Obama's ASOS Africa skirt! How cute is it? Too bad it's sold out! Do you like it?
Oprah interviews President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama in the Nov O Magazine
The cute skirt is sold out on the asos africa site 

Asos Africa launched earlier this year and you will be happy to know that the traditional prints on the clothes are made in Kenya. And just in case you need extra incentive to shop the site promises that a portion of all sales from the site will helps local communities in East Africa.
Actress Mena Suvari was spotted wearing the same skirt
The collection is a partnership with SOKO Kenya, which allows disadvantaged communities to create and sustain business through local craftsmanship. 

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