Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Houston's: On Our Own recap: would Whitney Houston want this?

I could probably come up with a 1,000 reasons why the 'The Houston's: On Our Own"  reality show is quite possibly the worst idea ever. Truthfully the 30 minute spectacle leaves a LOT to be desired. People Magazine may have put it best when they described it as "the epitome of too soon". Guys, it hasn't even been a year since Whitney died and her family is also clearly capitalizing on her death by any means necessary.  After watching the first 2 episodes tonight check out the 5 reasons I believe Whitney Houston's family have a reality show is no bueno:

1) Bobby Kristina
Bobby Kristina is clearly still grieving. And understandably so, the world lost an iconic singer and she was tragically robbed of her only mother. In both episodes tonight, you could clearly tell that Krissy was under some type of influence. Y'all, baby girl was as high as a kite. I'm talking slurring her speech & eyes barely open type of thing. It's not an entirely outlandish idea that she would turn to drinking to get through her loss (considering Whitney let her drink) but does she need the cameras in her face capturing all of this three months after her Mom's passing? I don't think so..

2) Cissy ain't into it

The family made their publicity rounds in NYC to promote the show this week and one of their stops was on the  US chat show 'The View'. Barbara Walters cut straight to the chase and asked Cissy about appearing uneasy about being on the show and whether or not the she had any trepidation about having the cameras follow her around. The Houston matriarch answered that she wasn't crazy about doing the show but that she was doing just to support her family. C'mon now, Cissy is 79, is this really how her family wants her to spend her golden years? Tsk tsk

3)The show really has the wrong title
The show really shouldn't be called "The Houston's: On Our Own" It should be re-named the Bobby Kristina show. The first episode was squarely focused on her. Again it begs the question, how is this helping the 19 year old move forward? It felt so eery watching the cameras follow Krissy to her Mother's grave site just weeks her untimely death.I actually felt very uncomfortable watching that, it's just too soon. Her grieving process is not any of our business, I wish the Houston family could see that. Let her talk about it once she's over it. Right now the cut is so fresh and's just painful to watch.

4) A generational curse

Folks did you ever watch the reality show that Krissy's parents starred in? The 'Being Bobby Brown' was a huge cash cow for the Bravo channel.Bobby Brown was supposed to be star of the show but Whitney's erratic and drug filled antics made the show a cult classic. It was like watching a train wreck, you just couldnt bare to look away.. The same can be said for the 'Houston's' show.

5) Nick Gordon
24 year old Nick Gordon is Bobby Kris's adopted brother/boyfriend/fiance. The pair is allegedly engaged to be married and they live together in the house that they shared with Whitney Houston. So get this guys, the ring that Nick used to propose to Krissy was her mother's ring. Dude, you cant even buy your own ring to propose? Please have several seats. He strikes me as a shady character that is clearly taking advantage of a situation gone awry. Cissy put it best when she said " I don't know Nick that well, let us pray that everyone will find their way". What a dang gone shame!

In the age of reality shows where people over share everything some things are better left to deal with in private.

That's just my 2 cents. Did you watch the show? If so what did you think? If not how come you didn't tune in?

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