Sunday, September 16, 2012

Top 5 WTF Moments from Oprah's interview with Usher

Mama O just wrapped her much anticipated interview with singer Usher on OWN a few hours ago and Baby, it was that was the ONE show to watch tonight. It was an uncomfortable, revealing and Usher like you have never seen him before! I mean the "Climax" singer let it ALL out and didn't hold back in the sit down chat. Was I the only one on the edge of my seat during the whole thing? In case you missed it, fret not my friend. Check out my list of the top 5 WTF moments from tonight's interview

1. Usher cheated with who?!?
One of the pesky rumors that has persisted for a while was that the singer had cheated on his ex-wife Tameka during their marriage. Not only did Usher admit that he did indeed cheat but my dude also admitted to creeping with a bridesmaid. Now ain't that some issh? People have often labeled Tameka as crazy but can you imagine your husband cheating with your friend? That's enough to drive even the most sane woman over the edge.

2. Mommy Issues
During the hour long chat Usher's Mom joined in on the interview and also sat down with Mama O.  Filmed at the Grammy Award winner's house in Atlanta, it was nice to see a glimpse of Usher's home life. For example, I loved the tree house that he built for his kids. They are so incredibly fortunate. Speaking of the Ursher's house, guess who lives 5 minutes away? His Mama! Chile, does that not sound like some serious Mommy issues? I get that he travels a lot so his Momma has to be close but dang five minutes away? Adding fuel to the fire, Oprah posed the question about whether anyone would EVER be good enough for her son. Jonetta replied "yes" but Usher was sheepishly laughing on the side, possibly hinting at a very different answer. Guys, Tameka didn't stand a chance. Btw, when Usher's Mama was asked about whether or not she regretted missing her son's wedding. She answered "no, I don't regret it. I just couldn't embrace it". Well damn! But the singer now admits that his Mom was right all along and that he should have listened to her advice about Tameka.

3. No mention of Grace Miguel
Usher has been a relationship with former Def Jam executive Grace Miguel for quite some time now. How come that didn't get any mention during the show? What does Mama Jonetta think of Grace? Are they planning on getting married and having kids? So many questions..I would have liked to have them talk about a little bit. You ever notice that Usher has a thing for older women? Grace, Chilli, Tameka..y'all what is that about? No shade, but what makes him attracted to the cougars? That's another question I would have added to my list

4. Usher makes loves to Usher
The R&B crooner also revealed that when it's take to get busy in the bedroom, he often reaches for his music to seal the deal. Noting that he likes to set the mood with his lucky lady, the father of 2 likes to start off his playlist with some "Luther, Teddy P, Marvin Gaye and then finish off with some Usher". The singer told Oprah that people may think it is a bit narcissistic but I actually disagree. If your own music puts you in the mood then by all means go for it!

5. He misses Kyle Glover
Guys, can we agree that Tameka is having the worst year ever? She lost her son Kyle Glover earlier this year in an unspeakable accident and just a few weeks ago a judge gave Usher primary custody of the children she has with Usher. One of the rumors that Usher confirmed tonight was that he in fact at his step-son Kyle's funeral. Not only was the singer at the funeral but he was also at the burial. He also spoke about his desire to delay the custody battle because of the death in the family but he revealed to Oprah that it was Tameka who insisted that they keep the trial going. Well not only did that backfire but on Friday a judge denied Tameka's request for a re-trial. Sucks to be her right now! Someone please watch her twitter timeline. She is like a man smoking a cigarette at the gas station, she is about to blow up all over social media.

Did you watch tonight's interview? If so what did you think?



  1. you need a *claps once* reaction. yho, jai- as for the mama issues! lawd!


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