Monday, September 24, 2012

Tameka Raymond's Turn: Usher's ex-wife SPEAKS out about his cheating

When I watched Usher's interview with Oprah a few weeks ago, all I could think about was hearing his ex-wife Tameka Raymond's side of the story. Well, Usher's baby mama and former wife  is speaking out and what she has say to say make shock the crap out of you. In her first ever televised interview Tameka is airing out all their dirty laundry. On the subject of her famous ex-husband's philandering ways with a bridesmaid she says "He admited to sleeping with one of the two. It was very disappointing revelation. I had suspected it for some time" Now this is where she lost me, she continues on "I hate to say it, but I somewhat emphathize with her..She fell into somewhat of a trap"
What the what? Hold up I have a few questions:
***One of the two? He slept with two of your bridesmaids? Isnt that just the whole wedding party? Aww hell no!!
***Tameka please dont make excuses for this cheating a** woman. She was a bridesmaid in your wedding and slept with your husband, how on earth do you emphathize with what?
***Why did she have to sit down with ET? Did they pay a lot of money for this interview?

Watch the video below to hear Tameka's side of the story. This is some issh

The three part interview with Tameka starts on Tuesday Sept 25. Will you be tuning?

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