Thursday, August 23, 2012

What was Makho doing with Chevy Spark Car?

This past Tuesday, I was part of an exclusive group of journalists/bloggers that were invited to drive around Chevy's newest gem, the Spark car in New York City. OK fine, let me be honest. I really didn't get the invite. Truthfully, I was filling in last minute for my friend Sekou Writes who unfortunately couldn't make it. But honestly, I am SO glad that he wasn't able to attend cause I had too much fun with the Chevy team. This was probably one of the highlights of my summer! So what did we do?
The all new Chevy Spark Car
After an exquisite lunch at the Riverside Park in New York City, we were paired up with other journalists and were each assigned a car to drive around Manhattan.  One thing I loved immediately is how compact this car is. If you live in NYC like I do or any urban area for that matter then you will also appreciate getting this car into any tight parking space.
Our first stop was Bond No. 9
I have lived in New York City for over 7 years and have not heard of Bond No.9. Shame on me cause this place is amazing!! It's a perfumery nestled right in the heart of NoHo. So the way it works is, you walk in and a salesperson helps you select a scent that is reflective of a New York City neighborhood. After smelling a handful of glorious scents, I picked a fragrance entitled the Scent of Peace. It smells SO good, it was truly love at first smell.

How magnificent is the deco at Bond No.9?
This was my partner in crime- his name is Long from Flaunt Magazine
After leaving Bond No.9 with our goodies, we headed over to my neck of the woods Williamsburg Brooklyn. My new friend Long drove the Spark car over the Williamsburg Bridge and it was such a smooth ride from Manhattan to Brooklyn. A little tid-bit about me is that I love to turn up the music regardless of how long my trip is. Trust me when I tell  you that the state of art radio and the six speaker sound system did not disappoint.
MTV Iggy filming a music video for a local band
We arrived in Brooklyn and headed over to Pete's Candy Store, a neighbourhood staple in Williamsburg. The place used to be a candy store but is now a sound stage for performers. MTV Iggy was shooting a music video when we arrived at Pete's Candy Store and we got to witness how this all unravels, up close and personal. It was really neat seeing that whole process unfold. I also managed to get in a chat with the Nusrat Durrani who is the SVP and General Manager of MTV Iggy. He told me that is he "lusting" to drive the car around. Hook it up Chevy!!

Last stop Momofuku Milk Bar
So after we had delighted our ears with music and indulged our noses with delectable scents, it was time to satisfy the belly! Momofuku was definitely the place to do so. There are no English words that I can use to describe the tasty desserts at Momofuku. For a person with a sweet tooth like me, I was beyond excited to get some of the delicious treats in my stomach. If you are ever in NYC please stop by this place and try the birthday cake truffle. Believe me you will thank me later.

All in all it was an amazing way to spend my Tuesday afternoon. Since the last stop was in Williamsburg, I hightailed it home on foot, but who time I could be driving a Chevy Spark. And with a price point under $13,000 it's something I am seriously considering!

I also shot video of my adventures around the City, so stay tuned for that! What do you think of the Chevy Spark?



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  2. You are absolutely lucky to be part of this opportunity to drive a Chevy! Looks like you had so much fun driving around the city of Manhattan, shopping and meeting people. Well, if you want to go driving around the city, the Chevy Spark makes the perfect choice: it’s very easy to drive, even in the congested roads of the city.

    *Tyra Shortino

  3. The Chevy Spark is really cute! Aside from that Jalapeno green color, I’ve seen a denim blue and bright orange version of it as well. I really think of it as the ideal car for my daughter. It’s small, easy to drive, and it’s definitely a smooth driving car!

    Stelle Courney

  4. What a fun and exciting day it was for you! I bet you enjoyed, not only shopping around, but also driving this very chic car. Now that you’ve test drove this car and enjoyed driving it, have you thought of purchasing one? I think the Chevy Spark fits you perfectly.

    >Carry Bacot


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