Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hollywood must hate black women: Zoe S to play Nina Simone

I just don't get it. What is Hollywood's vendetta against women of color? The Hollywood Reporter confirmed today that actress Zoe Saldana has signed on to star as the iconic singer in Nina Simone in a yet to be released film. As you may know the script was shopped around for years and even had Mary J. Blige rumored to play the famed singer. Unfortunately due to budgeting issues Mary pulled out of the project. Don't get me wrong, Zoe is a phenomenal actress but she looks nothing like Nina Simone. Viola Davis would have been terrific in this role, why does Hollywood insist on white washing historical figures and rewriting our stories with fairer actresses? Again I don't get it. With production slated to begin in Los Angeles October 16, do you think Zoe is the right person for this role?


  1. They gonna have darken her skin, put her in a fat suit!!!smh!!maybe this supposed be her "oscar" role!! As an actress I don't know if Zoe has the depth to be able to tell Nina Simones story!!

  2. Sigh!!they will have to put her in a fat suit and darken her skin!!smh!!I just don't know if Zoe has the depth to potray Nina story on screen!!maybe this supposed be her "oscar" role. I wish her well and hope she does the movie justice!!and that the script won't be the "hollywood version" they certainly don't do a good job of potraying real stories about the struggle of black women!!


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