Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I cut off all my hair!!! (and I LOVE it)

So after many months of threatening to cut off my hair and start over, I finally did it. I woke up this morning with resolve to actually walk into someone's salon and have them chop off all my hair. Yes folks, I am officially on team natural hair! My hair was pretty short to begin with but having relaxer free hair seemed like such a far fetched dream. That all changed today Honey. Why did I do it? Well to be honest I did it for a number of reasons, namely:

1) It's too hot outside to be having a lot of dang gone hair on my head. Summers in NY aint no joke!
2) I just needed a fun and exciting hair change. I get bored quickly with the same look over and over again.
3) Over spending hours upon hours in the salon. I.JUST.CANT.DO.IT!
4) I felt like it!!

I am in love with my new hair!! I love Love LOVE it!! I of course plan on still rocking my weaves/wigs but I plan on staying relaxer free indefinitely! I don't know why I waited so long to do this!


  1. Welcome to Team Natural!!!! We have been waiting patiently for you.

    Of all your reasons, number 4 is my favorite! I know that you will not miss the relaxer, or the salon, LOL

    This road is NOT easy. Believe me, but thank goodness for a wig, it will help you through!!!!

    Congrats on your journey, next up, finding the right hair products for you...

    Have Fun!!

  2. Hi Makho,

    Congratulations for making such a brave choice. It's confident women who can go natural and you exude confidence.

    We just read your natural hair journey and we'd love to feature you on our Go Natural for Change Facebook Page. Go Natural For Change is a Non-Profit organization that encourages women to live a natural lifestyle natural hair (Relaxer Free), skincare and food.

    Please find us on Facebook to discuss it further should you be interested.

    Warmest wishes
    Kate Nkansa-Dwamena
    Founder of Go Natural For Change

  3. Team Natural is the best team I have ever joined. Enjoy your journey and remember like anything it will have highs and lows...but always remember you have done the right thing! So proud of you.

  4. Hie Makho

    I think the 'great chop' gives you a grand way to start afresh and cuts down on the long hours in the salon, and you have given yourself a chance to try out something new in your whole hair journey so far!!!

    Please follow me back on

  5. Thanks Ernest!! It's grown a bit since the big chop and I fall more in love as each day passes.

    1. Hie Makho
      Did not manage to see you off when you left Zimbabwe. This is to hoping you will be visiting the motherland sometime soon and impart more blogging skills and personal experiences. Enjoyed meeting you up and doing your photoshoot take care.


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