Thursday, July 19, 2012

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: US Launch of Nelson Mandela's 466/64 Fashion Brand

Yesterday not only marked the 94th birthday of South Africa's former President Nelson Mandela but it was also the North America launch of Madiba's 466/64 inspired clothing line. Can you believe that Mr. Mandela is 94?!? Living such a long life after what he's been through is such a blessing.

 I was on hand at the exclusive launch of 466/64 at the South African consulate to preview some of the hot threads from the fashion line. 

Lira is such a sweetheart! She remembered me from our interview over a year ago!
Sony Music songstress Lira was one of the special guests showing her support for the brand. The multi-platinum singer was wearing a beautiful 466/64 dress that was beyond gorgeous. She gave a poignant speech explaining her admiration for the clothing line saying  "Now I can wear a brand that makes me proud of where we come from as a people and where we are going"

Lira with some of the models from 466/64 line
When I wrote about this brand a few months ago, a few people seemed to inquire about where proceeds of the brand would go. Wayne Bebb CEO of Brand ID seemed to address those concerns head on citing that 7-9% of the brand's proceeds  go back to the 46664 foundation in South Africa. Folks, it is a business after all.  Albeit one with a purpose, but this a business nonetheless.

I'm standing with Lira and Wayne Bebb the CEP of Brand ID/46664
Wayne Bebb spoke about the libraries that have been built in South Africa from proceeds of the line citing Mandela's parallel love for children and education as inspiration. So you guys can shop with a clear conscience now right?
Erin Patton CEO of Company b,- a Dallas based company bringing North American 466/64
I really REALLY love the line. Anything that is vibrant, rich, African and cutting edge has my name all over it. I would totally rock the dress that Lira is wearing. Head over to to browse and buy clothes for men, women and children. 
BET Intl Nominee Lira gave a poignant speech
Check out the video below for a sneak preview of the some of the clothes available from the line.


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