Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Zimbabwean Bride Prices: How much am I worth??

I was checking out one of my favorite Zimbabwean sites New Zimbabwe and I came across this interesting chart. For those of that you don't know what bride prices are (known as lobola in my language of Ndebele) in Zimbabwean culture the monetary fees are paid by the groom to his bride's family. From what  I understand, the men pay the money to their soon-to-be in-laws as a token of appreciation for raising his to be wife.

Interesting right?

Well I am from BYO and I was SUPER surprised to find out what my going rate would be. By this bride price chart, my boo would only have to pay $200...the lowest in all of Zimbabwe!! What the what??  Now what I am really curious to find is why the bride prices are so high for women in Masvingo? Someone please explain this to me!

What are your thoughts on dowry? Is it outdated or relevant in today's society?

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