Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Are these women glamorizing obesity?

Plus size writer Gabi Gregg is under scorching hot water after posting pictures of herself in what people are calling a "fatkini" gallery. Not only did Gabi post pictures of herself in a swimsuit she also invited other plus size women to post their own swimwear pictures. Within a few days the pictures were all over the internet with critics harshly slamming the writer for defending obesity.
Gabi Gregg
The New York based writer appeared on the Today show stating her reason for posting the pictures and defending her position saying" I think that's silly..I'm all for health. I think people should really be aware of what they're putting in their bodies and try to get more active. The truth is, we live in our bodies and be happy with happy with the bodies we have right now, regardless of where we are in our journey to health"
Gabi in her super cute swimsuit

Well I hear that Gabi!! I am in full support of women accepting their bodies. Folks please remember that your health is not determined by your size. You could be as skinny as an Olsen twin and have sky high cholesterol. I'm not advocating obesity either, what I am saying is right in line with Gabi. Ladies let's learn to love our bodies regardless of what our size is.

"Fatkini" pics submitted by plus size readers

Gabi didn't get absolute support from all plus size readers with one woman stating " I am a person who is overweight, and has struggled with weight my whole life. I don't think we should glamorize obesity". Interesting!
Plus size reader on

I want to hear your thoughts on this issue! Are these women glamorizing obesity or accepting their bodies as is?

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