Tuesday, May 1, 2012

3 Reasons why ALL Americans should care about Obama's Afghanistan trip

What a difference a week makes. Just this past Saturday President Barack Obama was entertaining Hollywood’s elite at the White House Correspondent’s dinner. Fast forward to today, when news broke that POTUS had arrived in Afghanistan for a super secret trip. Talk about a jet setter! If you are like me, you are probably wondering why you should care about the leader of the free world being in Kabul Afghanistan. If you are baffled  as to why this should even be on your radar, then I present to you 3 reasons why I believe ALL Americans should care about the President’s hush-hush trip.

3 reasons you should care that Michelle Obama’s husband trip to Afghanistan

1)      What happens after 2014? In 2011, the United States laid its plan to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan by the end of 2014.The war that began in 2001 is increasingly unpopular in the United States, with the latest CNN/ORC International poll in late March showing 25% of respondents supporting it while 72% opposed it. Hmmm that 72% speaks volumes. With more than the majority being anti-war,  this can’t be good news for Sasha and Malia’s Dad.  Keep in mind that a majority of the casualties in Afghanistan have been US troops, that means it’s significantly vital that we see a plan for bringing our troops home safely. The incumbent President has to show progress from 2011 plan. Part of the reason for Barack’s visit is to outline what the withdrawal plan will be and the relations between Afghan and the US after that.

2)      One Year Anniversary of Osama Bin Laden’s killing – It is no twist of fate that Obama’s third trip to Afghanistan also neatly coincides with the first anniversary of the U.S. raid that killed Osama bin Laden in neighboring Pakistan. Shortly after Bin Laden’s death, the President saw sky high ratings from the public and received tons of bi-partisan support. With the  Presidential elections being so close and Mitt Romney’s nipping at this heels, Obama is being tactical in reminding the American people that he took America’s Most Wanted Man Down under his guidance. Well played Mr. President!

3)      He ain’t never scared-  Obama’s trip was cloaked in secrecy as the White House sought to keep news of the trips under wraps out of concern for his safety. Obama landed in Afghanistan in the cover of darkness, since the security risks in Afghanistan were evident from the secretive nature and timing of the trip. Kabul has been generally safe recently but the Taliban has occasionally staged dramatic attacks, who could forget the violent assault on the American embassy last year? Obama is making it clear that he is not the type of leader who rules from behind his desk by going out and speaking to the troops in the battlefield. President Obama is making sure we remember that he the commander in chief and the man in charge. Who doesn’t want a leader like that?

The election is right around the corner so I won’t be surprised to see the Prez switching into campaign mode starting now. He is cleverly reminding the American public why we voted for him in the first place. I can dig it!


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