Friday, May 11, 2012

3 reasons why Bobbi Kristina’s reality show is a bad idea!

Whitney Houston is probably rolling over in her grave right now.

US based Lifetime television just announced that they are launching a new docu-series tentatively entitled “Houston Family Chronicles”. According to Lifetime, the series will feature the Houston family "as they take on their greatest challenge, supporting and guiding Bobbi Kristina as she faces the world alone, without the one person she relied on the most, her Mother."

So this is really the Bobbi Kristina show right? Oh ok..

Let me be honest folks: I don’t like this news at all.  A commentator on a popular site wrote today “the body is cooling and the sharks are already swimming.”  I couldn’t agree more.  Here are 3 reasons why I think the reality show is a bad idea
1)      It’s too soon! Why the rush?
When Pat Houston did the Oprah Winfrey interview soon after Whitney’s passing I was a bit taken back. I understood the need to share with fans how the family was holding up but the interview just didn’t sit right with me. After all, we were Whitney fans that catapulted Nippy from New Jersey into the Whitney Houston we all knew and loved. However, the very idea of a reality show following Bobbi Kris at this juncture is disheartening. Why do it? She is obviously still grieving from the loss of her mother, who wants to bear witness to that and watch it every week? I know we live in a culture were reality shows are passed out like hot cakes but some subject matters should be off limits.
2)       What's Pat’s motivation?
In statement about the show Pat Houston attempts to justify the show by saying “I have been working with Simmons Shelley over the past few years developing a project suitable for myself and our family. The unexpected passing of Whitney certainly affects the direction of the show. However, it is my hope that others will be enlightened as they watch our family heal and move forward.” Really Pat? Try again please; I don’t believe any of this nonsense. The public is not foolish; we can all see that Bobbi Kris is your new cash cow. The show is all about BK! Pat, with all due respect none cares about seeing your family on TV. If we are to be brutally honest then we would all agree that without Bobbi Kris- there would no show.
3)      Being Bobby Brown
Has the Houston family not learnt from the train wreck disaster of Bobby Brown’s reality show.? Back in the day I used to watch the Bobby Brown show faithfully every single week. Don’t get me wrong, the show was a disaster of epic proportions.  In fact, it was Whitney who objected to the second season because the show really REALLY showcased the couple at their worst. Why make the same mistake with Bobbi Kris?  Talk about repeating a vicious cycle, this is outrageous.

I know the Houston family is under the gun to generate money for Bobbi Kris and the rest of the family- but c’mon yall. Have some kind of decency!

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  1. Just when I thought Michael Jackson's Family held the trophy for picking a dead star's comes the Houston Family to prove me wrong.

    On one hand, I get it, the estate of Whitney Houston has to generate money. The estate has debts to pay and a daughter to support. The sale of albums posthumously will not benefit them greatly as Whitney did not write any of her songs.

    However, I think that there has to be a more tasteful way to benefit the estate. An Auction of memorabilia perhaps? I don't know. But this show right here is not it. That family should have learned by now to keep it all behind closed doors. This is no bueno.


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