Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Is there anything wrong with being a gold digger?

Kim Zolciak from the Real Housewives of Atlanta
In the opening intro for the Real Housewives of Atlanta, cast member Kim Zolciak proudly proclaims “people call me a gold digger but they just want what I have”.  And to be fair Kim does have a whole lot, but I’m not sure if people label her money hungry because they want her possessions. In case you haven’t watched the show, Kim is the sole blond in the ATL series and seems to have a penchant for men with money. The reality starlet was previously engaged to a married man known as Big Poppa who coincidentally was and still is a married man. On the show, Big Poppa would lavish his mistress with a plethora of bling, houses and money and it was clear that Kim was with him just for the money. Fast forward to today and Kim has found her latest victim- football player Kroy who will spare no expense to make sure his lady is taken care off.  While his actions may be noble, I’m not quite sure if Kim would be with him if he worked at Fed-Ex delivering mail. Kim’s dating pattern is clear, she is after one thing and one thing only- it’s all about the Benjamin’s baby!

"I ain’t saying she a gold digger, but she ain’t messing with no broke n**ga".

Khanyi Mbau
According to Urban Dictionary a gold digger is a female who admires successful men as opposed to mediocre and unaccomplished men. Err Ladies, by this definition aren’t we all gold diggers then? Honestly, who would want to date a mediocre and unaccomplished man? I suppose the part that makes an individual a gold digger is the deliberate search for someone with lotsa money. Most women have standards in regards to who they date but my question is; are they wrong for prioritizing a man's financial pockets in search of a perfect partner?

South African socialite Khanyi Mbau once reportedly had some choice words when asked about being a gold digger. The woman known in SA as the Queen of Bling Khanyi did not mince her words about wanting the finer things at someone else’s expense. She claimed that she “is not a gold but a platinum digger”.  It makes my stomach turn when I hear women express their outright intent in search for men with money to sustain and fund their lifestyles. Whether or not the gold diggers want to admit it, they do a pay a price for that lifestyle. Let’s be very blunt about the situation, these women engage in sexual acts with the purpose of getting someone’s financial and material earnings.  In this day and age were STD’s are wildly rampant I often wonder, is the Gucci bag really worth it?

What do you think? Is there anything wrong with being a gold digger?

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