Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Basketball Wives Lessons: How to "Check" Your Friends

Guys, I have a confession. I have no idea why I tune in faithfully every week to watch VH1's hit reality "Basket Ball Wives". The show  is the very definition of bad TV and last night was no exception. The drama is always apologetically  cringe-worthy but I just can't seem to peel my eyes away from my television screen.
Cast of Basketball Wives

During last night's show one of the cast members, the ever–so-outspoken Evelyn got into a fight with fellow cast member Kenya. This was no regular cat fight you see, because in the midst of the word bitch and slut being thrown around - Evelyn proceeded to pick up a bottle of wine and throw it at Kenya.  Kenya escaped unscathed but the wine bottle almost cracked Evelyn's friend Shaunie skull wide open. When I saw that scene, my jaw hit the ground. I've picked on the fact that these women are bullies and are merely acting a fool to get a paycheck on reality TV. What a sad way to live.
The fight scene

Let's focus on Shaunie for a second. Not only is she Evelyn's friend but she's also an Executive Producer of the show, why didn't she intervene and check Evelyn for her barbaric behavior? As a matter of fact Shaunie made light of the incident and in no way reprimanded her friend for out of line antics. Let me be clear, if we are hanging out and you fight, throw bottles or act unruly- it will be the last time we kick it.

So this got to me thinking, as girlfriends, how do you address your friend’s unsavory behavior?

Each relationship is different and therefore the proper course of actions will differ with each group of women. However I think there are some underlying guidelines. For instance don't "check" your friends in a public setting. A friend of mine once thought she was doing me a favor by speaking about my tardiness in a public setting. If anything it infuriated me because it totally uncalled for and not the proper time or place to have this discussion. If my tardiness bothered her that much I believe my friend should been addressed in private and not in public. Not to mention there was alcohol in the mix, talk about a recipe for disaster.

Here’s my take, if you have an issue with a friend, I would suggest telling them
in private. Speak to your friend one on one; you don't need an audience to get your point across.

How do you address your issues with your friends? In public or private?

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