Thursday, April 5, 2012

Africa's Hottest Top 10 Men: 2012 Edition

Last year I did a fun post about Africa's top ten most handsome men, and the feedback I got from you guys was great to say the least. Well, we are only four months into the new year but I decided to do another list of men from Africa that are too hot to handle. Please note that beauty is extremely subjective so if you have someone who you think you should be added to the list...please holla at me in the comments section!

Ladies and gents I present to you my list of Africa's hottest top ten men: the 2012 edition!
Who: Oscar Pistorius- Accomplished South African sprint runner.
Hotness Factor: At the tender age of  11 months old, Oscar had his legs amputated halfway between his knees and ankles. Breaking sprint records globally, he is known as the "Blade Runner"and "the fastest man on no legs"
Who: D'banj - Nigerian singer/songwriter 
Hotness Factor: D'banj was the first African/Nigerian artist ever to be signed to Kanye West's GOOD Music label. Prior to the Yeezy partnership, D'Banj was and still is one of Africa's top artists.

Who: Marcus Samuelsson - Ethopian born chef
Hotness Factor: Married to a supermodel? Check! Cooked for President Obama? Check! And owner of one of NYC's hottest eateries- Red Rooster? Triple check! There are many reasons why award winning chef Marcus Samuelson is on this list but what we love above all - is his handsome this man is. Eye candy indeed!

Who: Dayo Okeniyi- Nigerian/Kenyan actor
Hotness Factor: Dayo is definitely one to watch in 2012. He was most recently cast in one of the highest earning flicks this year- "Hunger Games". Currently shooting a pilot for TV network ABC, Dayo's star is just beginning to ascend.

Who: Souleymane Sy Savane- Côte d'Ivoire actor
Hotness Factor: I first met Souleymane and his gorgeous model wife Erikka a few years ago on the set of a TV show we filmed in New York City. Erickka loved my name and promised me that if they ever had a baby-girl she would be named Makhosazana. Lo and behold and true to her word,  little Makho, my namesake was born into the world. I heart the entire Sy Savane family! Back to Solo - he is a feature film actor and starred in the award winning flick "Goodbye Solo". Making big moves in Hollywood, late last year he starred in "Machine Gun Preacher" with actor Gerard Butler.

Who: Football Ositadimma "Osi" Umenyior - born to Nigerian parents in London
Hotness Factor: Osi plays for the New York Giants and always brings his A-game to the field. Having dated supermodel Selita Ebanks a few years ago, he also is one of three British-born players to have won the much sought after Superbowl ring
Who: Actor Rotimi Akinosho- born to Nigerian parents in New Jersey
Hotness Factor- Rotimi was most recently tapped as the face of TI's Akoo clothing line and is also making big moves in the acting world. 22-year-old Rotimi, stars in the Starz series "BOSS" with Golden Globe winner Kelsey Grammer and Sanaa Lathan.

Who:Comedian Trevor Noah- South African
Hotness Factor: South African born comedian Trevor Noah may be all about the jokes but he also means serious business. Trevor appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and in doing so - became the first South African to ever grace the Tonight show stage.

Who: Ozwald Boateng - British fashion designer of Ghanaian descent
Hotness Factor:  Ozwald is known all over the world for his trademark twist on classic British tailoring style. Inspired by his father's suits, Boateng opened his first shop in London's historic Savile Row at the age of 23.

Who: Model Djebril Didier Zonga- Central African Republic
Hotness Factor: I mean do I really have to write an explanation of why he's hot? I think the picture speaks for itself! Didier is the first black face for the new Aramis advertising campaign and has ripped the runway for Diesel, Versace and Jean Paul Gaultier.

Thoughts?? Is there anyone that you would like to add to this list?

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