Wednesday, March 7, 2012

UPDATE- Traci Braxton responds to African Booty Scratcher Comment

A few weeks ago I wrote a scathing blog post about Braxton Family Values personality Traci Braxton (Toni's sister) and how she used the term African Booty Scratcher in a recent episode of their hit reality show. You can read the run down of what happened here. But essentially Traci got upset during a workout session when a train who is Congolese called here "woman: during a tense exchange. Traci responded back to the "woman" statement by calling him an African Booty Scratcher. So today one of my blog readers actually tweeted Traci about that her choice of her words and this was her response back
The fact that Traci still defends her statement is appalling to me. I thought surely after hearing from several Africans globally how offensive this immature, vile, offensive and not to mention derogatory term was and still is.. she would have realized the error of her ways. Unbelievable!!!

Thoughts? Should Traci apologize or is there nothing wrong with her saying African Booty Scratcher?

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