Thursday, March 15, 2012

Is Bobbi Kristina wrong for dating her "adopted brother" Nick Gordon?

More than just family? Bobbi Kris and Nick
It's only been about a month since music icon Whitney Houston’s sudden death but it seems every day there is a new shocking scandal surrounding the singer. First the leaked casket pictures, then the Oprah Winfrey interview this past Saturday and now this -news that Whitney's only daughter Bobbi Kris is dating her "adopted brother” Nick Gordon. Celebrity gossip site TMZ snapped pictures of Bobbi Kris and Nick exhibiting heavy signs of PDA in Atlanta.

Side note: how does TMZ manage to get all these pictures of unsuspecting celebrities? They should be the ones hunting down Joseph Kony. Anyway back to the pictures….
In one of pictures the couple is actually in full make out mode with pictured kissing one another.
Bobbi Kris and Nick on a pizza run

Jesus take the wheel!

Bobbi Kris age 19, is Whitney's only biological child with singer Bobby Brown. Nick age 22, was unofficially adopted by the Houston’s 10 years ago when Whitney learned that Nick was having trouble at home. Nick and Bobbi Kris are so close in fact that they have referred to each other as brother and sister. TMZ is also claiming that not only are Nick and Bobbi Kris dating but they are secretly engaged as well. According to the NY Daily News Grandma Cissy Houston is none too pleased with this news. Family matriarch Cissy Houston claims that “what they are doing is incestuous”. Now it makes total sense why a few weeks ago rumors came about that Cissy had kicked Nick out of the Whitney’s Atlanta home. It seems Grandma is trying to protect her granddaughter.
Grandma Cissy is worried about Nick and Krissy's relationship
Let me state the obvious- this is complicated. Nick and Bobbi Kris are not related by blood but the pair has referred to each other as brother and sister.  But to be fair how many couples start out as childhood friends and then developed into a full blown relationship? My question is did Whitney know about this relationship and it’s only now with her sudden passing that the truth is finally coming to light? My only worry out of this is the notion that Nick could possibly be sinister and may have ulterior motives. Could he possibly be trying to take advantage of Bobbi Kris’s vulnerability? She is the only beneficiary to Whitney’s will and stands to benefit significantly once Whitney’s estate start’s generating money.

What a sticky situation. Thoughts? Do you think that this truly an incestuous relationship?


  1. i think its so wrong and shameful.....!

  2. i don't think so. they have developed a bond and unofficial adoption means she was taking care of him. so it's a good deal for her in this America where the black woman is complaining. these kids are hurting and have both lost and are being there for each other. there is no blood, so i say make albums and babies


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