Wednesday, March 28, 2012

EXCLUSIVE EVENT FAB: WE tv's 'Mary Mary' series premiere screening

Mary Mary on the red carpet
I have been a HUGE  fan of gospel singing duo Mary Mary since they came out with their now classic hit song "Shackles". I just loved how they infused their "coolness" into gospel music and breathed new life into a genre that was considered for the old folks. So when I found out that they were going the reality show route I was cautiously optimistic. If you take a look at the reality show landscape for women right now (Basketball Wives, Love & Hip Hop)  things look a little bleak - especially for black women.

I loved the sisters hair and makeup!
Enter Mary Mary to the rescue!

Folks, I saw a screening of their  reality show last night in New York City and I LOVED it! The series will be a mix of humor, reality, and  of course family drama. It's almost as if the camera's aren't there and you have been granted permission to sit in on their lives. You really get a sense of who the ladies behind Mary Mary are. The world finally gets introduced to Erica and Tina and  I can 1000% guarantee that you will fall in love with the show.

In an exclusive chat with Mary Mary  I talked to them about being nervous of the TV ratings, especially in this day and age where people just want to see drama and cattiness. This is what they said:
"It's a good show and I think people are going to watch it. We feel so confident with what we are putting out and we believe that people will like it".

Mary Mary doing a bit of Q&A after the screening
I also wanted to know who initiated the idea of the show. Tina told me:
"I was definitely against it. I say no first and then yes later. I was against the idea of doing a reality show, it was actually pitched to us, probably for 3 years before we decided to do it. I was thinking 'I don’t want to live my life out loud, I don’t want people's opinions about everything.  I don’t know how inspirational I am behind the scenes'.  So I was just questioning a lot of things. But what I realized is that we had something to offer in terms of the inspiration in our lives. We’ve both been married over ten years, happily- not perfectly but happily. We are both mothers of multiple children, we are sisters. We are group that's still together whereas most of the groups that came out when we came out are broken up. Seeing how we do those things can be inspirational. We are a ultimately a family that loves each other”

Check out a sneak peak of the show:

Makho at the Mary Mary series premiere
I also spoke to a few WeTV executives about bringing the show to South Africa and they told me if the interest is there, they would be all about it. So if you are in SA and you see a clip of the  Mary Mary show and love it- make sure you let me know about it!

Peeps in the US- will you be tuning in? The show airs on Thursday March 29 at 10pm EST.

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