Friday, March 2, 2012

Do all men cheat? Is it better to know and accept it?

Late last year when Vanessa Bryant announced her divorce to NBA basketball player Kobe Bryant I wasn't the least bit surprised. Honestly guys, Stevie Wonder could have seen that one coming. Who could forget the messy 2004 sexual assault case that Kobe was embroiled in? Kobe later admitted that while he thought the Colorado encounter with his then 19 year old accuser was consensual he later conceded " I now understand how she feels that she did not consent to this encounter". The case was settled out of court. Vanessa claimed that during the course of their 10 year marriage, Kobe cheated on her over 105 times. Whoa!! 105 times in this day and age? That is just reckless.
Vanessa and Kobe Bryant
The divorce proceedings seemed to going along as planned until a few weeks ago pictures surfaced of the couple kissing and seemingly back together.  While I'm glad the couple is trying to work things out (they have 2 young daughters) I couldn't help but wonder what caused Vanessa's change of heart. Was it the money or was it Kobe's vow to never cheat on his wife again?
Chad and Evelyn
Speaking of famous athletes creeping, earlier this week I watched as Evelyn Lozado from Basketball Wives laid down the cheating rules to her fiance Chad Ochocinco. While talking to Chad about their upcoming nuptials she made it clear that she would rather know about his cheating a** behavior than be in the dark about it. His response was even more alarming and he admitted that he is indeed tempted while he is on the road, and even asked Evelyn is she would be open to the idea of bringing another woman into the bedroom? SCANDALOUS! And she surprisingly responded half affirmatively.about his condition.

Now before you go thinking that cheating is a famous man's affliction, I've heard the same sentiment of "better to know than to be the in the dark" from regular men and women.Over the years I've heard several women from all walks of life lament about the fact that all men cheat. Some women seem to be resigned to the fact cheating will occur in the relationship and that's just the way it is. More and more I'm seeing women give the men in their life what I call "cheating passes". I have never for the life of me understood this line of thinking. I think both men and women can cheat and it's more of a personality trait than a male/female issue. A new study from Indiana University claimed there is a common link for why both men and women cheat.  The study claims that not caring about consequences of their actions and a fear of poor sexual performance makes both sexes more likely to cheat.

So tell me, do you believe that all men cheat?

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  1. Yes i think all men do cheat in one way or another; emotional or physical infidelity, cyber sex, and the like. I dont know why, but i believe they all do. As faithful women, I believe our options are to accept this and find someone we like as a person well enough to ignore these indiscretions, or be alone.


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