Wednesday, February 29, 2012

FAB EVENT: Jerseylicious Gatsby Launch Party

Ambiance at the party
Do you guys remember last year when I wrote about how I fell in love with reality show Jerseylicious while on vacation in South Africa? I just couldn't get enough of Gayle, Tracy, Olivia, Christy and the rest of the drama brewing over at the Gatsby salon.
From left to right- Gigi, Christy and Michelle
Fast forward to 2012 and last night I attended an invite only fĂȘte for the launch of salon owner Gayle Giacomo's new hair product line. The party was held at Drom Fragrances, a lovely open space close to the World Trade Center. As soon I walked in, I couldn't help but notice how fabulous everyone looked. Very Jerseylicious! Not to mention the overflowing champagne and bumping music were telltale signs that I was going to have a great time.
Makho with Gayle
I briefly chatted with Gayle and I can tell you that she is absolutely stunning in person!! Over 50 and looking absolutely divine, she looks better than most girls half her age! Gayle was dressed in a green dress, nude pumps and that signature red hair. As I mentioned above the party was in celebration of her new hair care line aptly titled Gatsby. I cant wait for you guys to try the voluminous hair products.
Makho chatting with Gayle's daughter Christy. I couldn't put my drink down it was that good!!
I also spoke to Gayle's daughter Christy at the party. She told me that she loves that the show has a following in South Africa and that she wishes to visit the country soon. But I doubt Christy will be going anywhere anytime soon, since she has big baby news!
Makho with Christy
How cute is she? Christy is expecting baby no. 2. I'm telling you pregnant women are killing it these days! Christy looks fantastic, how adorable is that baby bump?
Also spotted at the party was Doria. I love her personality, she is just too sweet!
From left to right: Gigi, Rebekah and Doria
My friend Rebekah got her hair did by Doria at the party using the Gatsby volumizing hair spray. Rebekah's hair was great before but the product they used in her hair really took her hair to new heights.

Cameras capturing everything
The party was taped as part of the TV show, so make sure you tune in to the Style Network for all the dramz.
Makho with Tracy
Well the party wouldn't be complete without an appearance from Tracy. Despite all her beef with Olivia on the show, Tracy is super sweet. If you watch the show you will remember how Tracy's dream was to attend fashion week and work as a hairstylist. She told me that not only has she worked at fashion week but she also attended this year as a guest. Good for her!

Check out more pics from the party:
Stylist on the show! Lurve her jacket!

Another Jerseylicious guest

Models on the scene

Tracy on the red carpet
Party people enjoying the drinks and music

Olivia on the red carpet
Make sure you check out South Africa's Loocha Magazine for my exclusive interviews.



  1. love this blog n photos but it was a huge spoiler since us Jerseylicious fans were waiting to find out about Christy's 2nd pregnancy hopefully on tonight's episode,so hope other fans see this til AFTER it gets revealed. :'(

  2. I DEF agree with you Melissa. For us devoted fans we would like to hear it from the show and not from a blog.. You could have at least waited until after it was announced on the show or after the season ended. Thank you for spoiling it for us.

  3. Christina and Melissa, first of all let me start by saying sorry for the spoiler alert. As you will notice, I posted this in February waaaaay before I knew about the story line on the show about Christy's pregnancy. Christy mentioned her pregnancy to me and even noted to that it was impossible to keep a secret since she was visibly showing. My intent was not to be malicious or spoil the show for you, I am huge fan of the show as well and was sharing information from the event that I attended. Just my 2 cents, there is no need to be catty about it, I would suggest staying away from blogs or message-boards until the show airs tonight or next week.


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