Thursday, February 2, 2012

Diddy's son Justin Combs is a UCLA football player

Congrats are in order for Diddy and Misa Hilton's son Justin Combs!! Both parents and grandma were on had to see Justin sign his national letter of intent on National Signing Day yesterday. Can we pause for a second and address 2 things: 1) Why Diddy is wearing shades indoors? That is my personal pet peeve...moving on 2) I see Mama Janice is still rocking that platinum blonde..sigh

That Justin is a cutie right? He will have to swat the girls away like flies. Justin accepted a $54,000 scholarship to play at the University of California. $54,000?!? Let's be real here, Diddy could have paid all that. He spends all that in one night in a club! I guess it just shows that the young man has skills, I am not mad at that at all.

Justin will go out to UCLA on June 24 and is looking forward to stepping up and playing his first game for the Bruins. 'It’s going to be surreal at first but then at the end of the day you’ve got to go to work and you’ve got to get what’s yours and show why you’ve been working hard,' Combs told the New York Post. 'So I’m ready for that. I can’t wait.'

Congrats Justin!!


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