Monday, January 9, 2012

Top 5 places to hang out in Bulawayo

During my almost 3 week stay in Zimbabwe I had plenty of time to check out the local scene. From clubs, restaurants, lounges & pubs there was no stone I left unturned in my quest for the social pulse of the city. So listed below are my top 5 places to kick it in the City of Kings. 

1. Horizon Night Club
Horizon Night Club
Situated neatly in the city center Horizon is the place to be at. It’s on top of the Pioneer building and boasts a lovely view of the city. There is a pool that you can take a dip in if you are feeling frisky plus you can’t beat the reasonable drink prices and wonderful ambiance. The music is always pumping and while I was there I had the chance to check out world famous DJ Black Coffee. The decor is very up market featuring extra comfy couches and hard wood chairs all over the bar.

2.   Dickies Restaurant
Now this was my spot!!
Friends, I was at Dickies almost every single day, I would venture to say the staff knew me by my first name by the time I left Zim. This place has the best sadza and fish in town.
Sadza & fish! mouth is watering looking at this picture!
All their other dishes are on point as well but every time I think about the fish my mouth just begins to salivate. I mean the food is just bursting with flavor!! The food comes out very quickly and the staff is extremely friendly. 
Interior of Dickies
The Dickies I frequented the most is the one close to the Rainbow Hotel. As an added bonus you are allowed to bring in your own alcohol to wash down your tasty meal. #Winning

3. BAC (Bulawayo Athletics Club) 
This was my back up spot if I couldn’t make it to Horizon. It’s  your normal bar but it was always packed every time I went there. They play excellent house, hip hop and r&b music. They have an outdoor area as well but I never made it out there cause I wanted to stay close to the dance floor. The bar situation was a little crazy which meant you could wait a while to get your drinks but overall this is another cool kick it spot.

4. Rainbow Hotel
Rainbow Hotel
Rainbow was a hang out spot for me and my beau. We would hit up the bar on the first floor and kick it in that area. The staff is very friendly here and the drinks are also very reasonably priced. There is a TV that is usually playing sports and you can always overhear interesting conversations with the bar patrons. Or if you also interested in couple time over a nice glass of wine with your significant other then this is the place to check out. 

5. Royal Sunflower
Royal Sunflower
I am a serious foodie, I have an intense and no holds bar love affair with food. This place right here satisfied my foodie cravings on a daily basis. The must have item on their menu is the chips loaded with vinegar and salt plus the Russian sausages. Talk about downright delicious! Dickies would be my lunch spot and Royal Sunflower would be my dinner spot. On a daily basis. It’s a small wonder I didn’t gain a ton of weight.

So there you have it folks, that’s my list of top places to hang out in Bulawayo. Did I miss any spots


  1. still can't get over horizon! love that place. Bulawayo is coming up shuwa. wil have to check out the rest next time.

  2. Thanks for bringing Byo alive to us Makhosazana.There is no place like home!

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  4. thought hiefelis was better than sunflower


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