Thursday, January 26, 2012

Too ugly for a beauty pageant? Meet the 2012 Miss Zim contestants

Nyaradzo Jere
Photos of the contestants for the Miss Zimbabwe 2012 pageant surfaced online recently and the images sent shock waves through the Internet. You can view all the of the photos of the contenders for the Miss Zim 2012 crown over at Zimbojam. People are being especially cruel in my opinion, with a published article taking aim at these young ladies saying "As for this selection of girls, no amount of make-up or camera angels could make them attractive"

Barbara Kanyongo
Listen I will go ahead and say it. These women are in Zimbabwe and therefore are not afforded the luxuries that we have here in America. They don't have the best when it comes to skincare, hair and clothes. All these factors make a huge impact on how the contestants look. Remember that when you see images of other titleholders they are airbrushed to death and barely look like that in real life.
Letwin Muropa

 Most South American countries take pageants seriously. The young women there groomed at very young ages to be titleholders and the government injects a serious amount of cash into the pageant industry. Let's not forget that most of the titleholders you see on the national and international stage also get a ton of plastic surgery.
Heroine Langalanga
I think the girls are all beautiful and each one of them equipped with the right products could go very far. It's really mean to say that as the article here suggested "those girls should not be found anywhere near a beauty pageant"
Sasha Maidei Kasengwa
Can we spread a little love to these women? Remember they reading the hurtful comments that people are saying about them. If you feel that passionately about the pageant, instead of calling the girls names how about sending them the BEST image stylists, hairdressers, pageant coaches, designer dresses and money to get these young women up to par After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.Stop the hate.



  1. Thanks Makho for saying this. People can be so mean. Big Kudos to these girls for entering the competition. All the people who are making mean comments probably need to say that about someone else so they can feel good about themselves....what a shame :( Well get this, these chicks are living their lives NOMATTER what you say about them. After all I'd they feel they look good enuff then who are you to say otherwise...just a shallow minded numb-nutt!

  2. um as far as i'm concerned, those women are gorgeous. The first one especially. If only a week on the beach could give me her skin!

  3. this is not representative of the women in Zimbabwe, pity you guys have not been in Zim, I'm in South Africa and I can tell you, Zim has some fine women.


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