Monday, January 30, 2012

This week's Sit Your A** Down Award goes to...

Yes it's only Monday, but the sheer absurdity of comments made by State Senator Stacey Campfield from Tennessee earn him the distinction of the Sit Your A** Down Award for the week. Maybe even for the whole month.

When asked about the origins of HIV/AIDS this is what the Senator had to say:

"My understanding... is that virtually, if not completely impossible, to contract AIDS outside of blood transfusions through heterosexual sex. It's virtually impossible," Senator Campfield said 

Virtually impossible?!? Say what now? What kind of misinformation is this man spreading? How did he get elected? Did he even graduate from high school? Of course we all know HIV and AIDS can most definitely be spread through heterosexual unprotected intercourse.

When asked about this comments in a separate interview Stacey proved his ignorance even more by saying::

"A lot of people trying to gloss over and say it's an every person disease but really it's just those high risk people that are most likely to contract or spread that disease The odds of a regular man getting it from a regular woman are very low," he said.

When asked, "What do you mean by 'regular?'"

He said, "someone who is not from Africa, someone who is not a homosexual, someone who is not an IV drug user, someone who is not sleeping with someone who is one of those things."

So let me right this right, because I am from Africa, I am # 1 not regular and #2 a risk to infect someone with HIV? What a moron. HIV/AIDS does not discriminate. There is so such thing as regular person, no-one is exempt from getting this disease. Of course there are precautions that one can take (condoms, a monogamous relationship, not sharing drug needles or doing drugs at all) but it can ultimately happen to anyone. The Senator's backwoods way of thinking is appalling, how is he even still in office?


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