Thursday, November 10, 2011

Say what now? Vodka Tampons??

Teens are apparently inserting vodka-soaked tampons vaginally and rectally to get drunk. Hold up!! What?!?!

According to the Frisky a super-sized tampon can hold about a shot of vodka, and when consumed in such a manner, the booze absorbs directly into the blood stream.

So my question is... who came up with this? Like, the person who did this for the first time how did this thought cross their mind? I can't get over it. This has to be the most insane thing I have read all day!

“There’s no barrier, there’s no stomach acid, there’s nothing to prevent it [from absorbing],” police officer Chris Thomas told KPHO news. Teens seem to be drawn to the “method” as it is easy to conceal and it produces a quick inebriation without leaving tell-tale alcohol breath.

I mean DAMN! Would you try this?

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