Sunday, October 16, 2011

3 things I learned from Beyonce's new video for Love on Top

Beyonce just dropped her brand-new spanking video for "Love on Top" from her album 4.

 I LOVE the song, video is just ayite to me. Not one of my favorites. That said, here are 3 things I picked up from video:

1) "Love on Top" sounds a lot like Jonathan Butler's Lies: Check out Butler's version below, sounds mighty similar. Definitely wont silence the critics claiming lack of originality on Bey's behalf.

2) The video seems a little rushed, like a lot of thought wasn't put into it. Mrs. Carter had about 3 wardrobe changes in the video and they all seem so uninspired. On the bright side though, Bey's makeup and hair look phenomenal.

3) I'm little over the no pants bit. Put some clothes on Bey. But then again if I had a body like Beyonce I might walk around pant-less as well.



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