Friday, September 23, 2011

Can money buy you happiness?

Talk show host Oprah Winfrey was recently  interviewed by Piers Morgan early this year. When asked whether money could by happiness she answered "money can't buy you happiness but it can certainly lead to the path of happiness"

I disagree with Mama O. You know how much I love Oprah, so it pains me to disagree with her. I believe that money CAN buy you happiness. Yep I said it. I think rich people that say money can't buy you happiness are just using that to pacify the brokies.

Now people often counter my "money can buy you happiness" argument with saying money can't buy you love, friendship or good health. Again I disagree.

Money can buy you great health even when faced with a terminal illness. Hello Magic Johnson? That man is super healthy and is afflicted with HIV. However money does not prevent death. It can keep you healthy but it cant keep the grim reaper away.

Money can buy you love. Ask Hugh Hefner. Yes he goes through girls look toilet paper, but really as long as they both understand what the real deal is; what da problem is?

Friendships! Yes a true friend is like a great bra, it's really hard to find. The underlying assumption here is  money can't buy you lasting friendships. I challenge that. If you have money, you can afford the luxury to only do things that you WANT to. If you are happy and well rounded then it is my belief that you will attract like minded people.

Oprah, Richard Branson & Warren Buffett look pretty happy to me. I will have to give this money thing a try.


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