Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Why I LOVE New York!

For the foreseeable future New York City will be the place that I call home. Since emigrating from Zimbabwe and a brief stint in the Midwest, the Big Apple has always had a special place in my heart.This is my love letter to the concrete jungle. My top 5 reasons why I love N.Y.C

5. The talent
Jay-Z, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Mary J Blige, Nicki Minaj,  Robert Deniro, all have something in common. They are all born and bred New Yorkers. This city reeks of talent. On any given day you have the opportunity to check out big acts performing (at times for free) or if you fancy up & coming acts you have that option as well. New York is also the home to TV shows Fame, the Cosby Show, Sesame Street, Saturday Night Live in addition to a plethora of others.  You can literally walk down a random NYC street and walk into Will Smith shooting Men in Black 3. The city is buzzing with electric entertainment energy.

4. Opportunities
The most surprising thing about New York is not the sheer number of natives that live here. It’s the equally astounding number of people that reside here from other states and countries. The cultural diversity of NY is unparalleled. What attracts people to this place is that you can literally be anything you want to be.  You want to get married as a gay couple in NY? Check. You want to be a famous actor or musician? Double check. Really want to live your life outside of the box? Then New York is the place for you.  Anything is possible here.

3. Where Brooklyn At?

I absolutely love Brooklyn! The fact that I live there has nothing to do with my soft spot for this borough. BK has such an eclectic mix of people. From hipsters, rockers, hood folks, Hispanics, Jews and everything in between Brooklyn is always a mixed bag. The food in Brooklyn is pretty amazing as well. One of my favorite places to hang out at is Madiba Restaurant in Fort Greene. You can find authentic South African cuisine at a reasonable price and not to mention the ambiance is pretty sweet too. I heart BK!

2. Sightseeing anyone?
 Every time I get a visitor from out of town, I can almost guarantee they want to see the Statue of Liberty and Times Square. Rightfully so might I add. If you have never seen them up close and personal then my friend you are missing out. In addition to these historic sites, I also love immersing myself in the culture in Chinatown, trendiness of Soho and high fashion shopping on 5th Avenue. Actually, what I enjoy sightseeing the most are the people in NY. You can literally sit in a cafĂ© and people watch all day. With so many interesting people walking all over the city you will never get tired of eye balling them.

1. If you can make it here..
You have heard the old adage before. If you can make it here, then you can make it anywhere. New York is not for everybody. It can be too much of a harsh reality for some people. With the high rent cost, crazy traffic (both foot and vehicle), hectic commute and general hustle and bustle of the can be a bit much. However, if you can conquer this then you can literally survive anywhere. The city is constantly building your character; you cannot help but feel a sense of accomplishment for making it in the Big Apple.

So that's my list! Thoughts?

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