Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Some ways not to piss off your coworkers

If you work in any office space and share an open environment with any of your work mates then this article will resonate with you. You all know the person who insists on conducting meetings over the speakerphone or worse yet wont book a conference room to have their meetings and will instead conduct them at their desk? 

Don;t be that guy!

Here are some highlights from the article regarding ways not to piss off your coworkers. Read the entire post here

Stay off speaker phone
It's easy to simply start dialing on your desk phone and never pick up the receiver, but it's important to know that those around you don't want to hear your whole conversation. Pick up the phone or use a headset. "For some reason, it is easier to tune out a person on the phone with a one-sided conversation than hearing both sides," Herrick says.

Go elsewhere for meetings
"Don't hold a never-ending parade of meetings at your desk," Herrick says. Instead, be more considerate to those around you and find a conference room or grab a coffee for longer talks. While holding shorter conversations at your cubicle is not taboo, using your space as a boardroom can be very distracting to your neighbors.

Befriend your neighbors
There's no way to be completely isolated from your neighbors, so it's important that you build a comfortable communication style. "Keeping an open and honest dialogue with your cube neighbors is a great way to build a mutually collaborative and productive work environment for everyone," Peros says.

Interesting right? Thoughts?

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