Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dont Dine and Ditch: Just split the bill man!

I absolutely love going out in group settings.  Whether you are with old friends or new acquaintances, you are almost guaranteed a good time! I can't tell you how many laughs and interesting stories I've shared over brunch, dinner, drinks  or lunch.

It's all good until the bill comes.

It never fails to happen. As soon as the check comes you begin to get a sense of people's true colors. Folks get out calculators and become expert mathematicians. They can ascertain at a quick glance of the bill precisely what they ate and how much they will throw in for the bill. Don't be this person. No need to be a cheap ass. The words "I only had the..." should never be uttered out of your mouth.

Just split the bill evenly. When the check comes kindly divide the amount owed by the number of people there. Factor in the tip and you are done. By going out in a group environment you have to realize that you will perhaps pay a little more than you would in a smaller setting. If you are with friends and feeling especially baller-ish that night, pay the entire bill. Kindness amongst good friends will always be returned.

On the other hand though, if you are the person who orders 10,000 bottles of wine while everyone has the salad, make sure you pay for your portion or ask the waiter upfront to carve out a separate bill for you. The salad eaters will appreciate your kind gesture for life.

I have been in situations or heard several stories where someone eventually has to end up paying that little extra that was left from the bill. I am always that person. I can't stand the back and forth about who had what from the menu.I usually end footing the rest of bill. For my sake, again I ask of you: don't be the cheap ass.If you cant afford it, don't go out. Point, blank period.

So friends, those are my thoughts on dining out with a group. How do you handle situations like this?

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