Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Manservant inherits fortune - widows asks him to return it?

This story is bizarre on many levels! Did you know that manservants actually exist? Is the word manservant just a fancy way of saying maid or slave? So many questions, so little time...let's just dive into the story.

Lord Glenconner pictured above in the white passed away recently and left his beach front property in St. Lucia with his manservant Kent Adonai. Glennconner's wife is Lady Anne is none too pleased with this news. She is asking that Adonai "do the right thing" and give the money back. Lady Anne said: ‘Kent was beloved by my husband but so were we all – I was married to him for 55 years.’

Say what now? Do the right thing? And give back the fortune his master left him? You were married to him for 55 years but it sounds like Kent did everything for Lord Glennconner. 
Mr Adonai had walked the baron’s pet elephant in the Caribbean, cooked for his jet-set friends and slept on the floor by his bed for 30 years. 30 years??  He slept on the floor for 30 years? He earned every inch of beachside house - and I very well support Kent's decision to sell the house for cold hard cash.

Homegirl is tripping if she thinks that the manservant will give back his new found fortune. Where was she for the past 55 years? Sounds like manservant was taking care of her man for her. 

Look at what he had to endure as the manservant. Check out the outfit Kent is wearing in this picture from 1985, he is the young man in purple. You would deserve the millions coming your way if you had to rock that number.

So tell me, if you were the manservant would you give the multi million dollar estate back to Glenconner's family?

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  1. Not in a million years and the audacity of that woman to think he should when her husband believed he deserved it. A will is the wishes of the deceased you can clearly see she didn't respect her husband simply by her wanting to disobey his final requests. Smh....... I hope this man enjoys the rest of his life in comfort.


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