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BET Awards: the good, the bad and the outrageously ugly!

Just over an hour ago the BET Awards ended with a 2 song pre-taped performance from super star Beyonce in Glastonbury, England. Bey is making music history by being the first African American woman to headline the festival. Sweet! She performed to a sea of fans in the UK and to millions of folks in the US. The "Best Thing I Never Had" singer had a near perfect finale showcasing new tunes from her album 4 which comes out this Tuesday June 28. Let's jump into the BET 2011 Award show highlights: 

Beyonce in Glastonbury
The Good:

The Host:
Kevin Hart was insanely funny as the host of the show and provided much needed comedic relief. You could tell the show was going to be good when he kicked off the show talking smack about the celebs. Re:Diddy, Kevin truthfully told him his ass needs to stop changing his name a 1,000 times. Puff, Diddy, or Swagg as he now likes to be called laughed along and didn't seem too upset by the comedic jabs thrown his way. Ha!
Trey Songz
Hart cleverly reminded singer Trey Songz to keep his shirt while performing reminding him that he looked like a "beige greyhound" dog with his scrawny looking chest. Double ha!

Kelly Rowland

The performances: 
Ledisi, Kelly Rowland, Patti LaBelle, Marsha Ambrious, Mary J Blige, Mary Mary, Anita Baker and Alicia Keys in addition to a slew of other REAL sangers performed their behinds off! They showcased their near perfect voices in thrilling perfomances that left you with goosebumps. Oh and Miss Jill Scott performing with the fineness that is Idris Elba had all the ladies in the audience and at home drooling!

The Real Husbands of Bevery Hills:
Excuse me french here, that issh was mad funny. It was a play on the Housewives franchise and featured the show's host Kevin Hart, entertainer Nick Cannon, rapper Nelly, singer Bobby Brown and producer Jermaine Dupri as the restless & argumentative stay at home husbands. Hilarious! One of the funniest skit featured Hart referring to Nick Cannon wearing all white as actress Lisa Raye. Or when the very fiesty Tami Roman made a cameo as Hart's girlfriend and threatned to put pint size  Jermaine Dupri in her purse. I hope someone makes that into a real show.

Watch the "Husbands" clip here:

The Bad:
Man Boobs:
If I had to see Rick Ross's belly or boobs one more time I was absolutely prepared to poke my eyes out. Come on now, don't nobody want to see that! How many times did Ross grace the stage? 3 times in total! I was so over him. Kevin Hart also layed into Rick Rozay by saying he should wear a training bar to help him out with his man boobs!

DJ Khaled, Ace Hood, Rick Ross

How long was the show again? 
The show was supposed started at 8 pm and was supposed to end at 11pm. It wasn't over until 11:30pm! 30 minutes over!! Folks have to go to work, it's Monday morning tomorrow! Beyonce knew what she was doing by pre taping her portion.

Miss Shirley's dress;
Lord forgive me for talking about an elderly woman. But Shirley Casear was so wrong for wearing the dress she wore during Patti LaBelle's tribute. She looked like a fairy in her blue sparkly ensemble. On the plus side she sang beautifully! Hope that will make up for what I said about her dress.

The Ugly:
Mixup heard around the world:
This show was a tremendous achievement for BET. Despite Debra's Lee's horrific dress, the show was a success. One moment however almost ruined that. During the Coca Cola viewer's choice award, a super fan was picked prior the show to announce the winner live on air. She was joined on the poduim by 106 Park hosts Terrance and Rosci. Somehow a mix up happened and Tiffany (the fan) announced Chris Brown as the winner and then quickly had a mortified look on her face and noted that Rihanna feat Drake were the rightful winners.

Wait! What? Come again!

Come to find out at the end of the show that the real winner was indeed Chris Brown! The poor gal who read the mixup, Tiffany Greene, tweeted about how upset she was about the whole thing after it happened. “Bawling backstage. They totally fu**ed me up,” she wrote after angry fans came after her online. She was right all along. Somebody should get fired for this royal eff up!
Kevin Hart and Chris Brown
Chris Brown was on stage at the end of the night to rightfully receive his viewers choice award and playfully slapped Kevin Hart pictured above. Chris just dosent make it easy to forget his past does he?

So folks that's my review of the BET Awards. Since the show was over 3.5 hours long, I didn't capture everything but since BET will air it 50-11 times you will see the re-runs!

Did you watch? What did u think?

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