Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Why do men cheat with unattractive women?

Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger
Considered one of America's favorites couples and married for over 25 years.. issh hit the fan this week in Schwarzenegger household. The media revealed the former Governor of California had fathered a child 10 years ago out of wedlock with the couple’s maid. Oh and  it get's better. The maid and Maria were pregnant at the same time, giving birth 5 days apart from one another. To make this clearer- this means that while uSisi (the maid) was in the house cleaning, dusting and performing her household duties she was also handling Maria’s wifely duties in the bedroom. 
So naturally I was curious to see what this maid looked like. Surely Mildred Beana  must be a foxy lady for Arnold to carry on this sordid affair right under his wife's nose for the past 13 years.

Midred Baena Arnold’s mistress
Child please! In the infamous words of Bobby Brown she looks like "a bag of knuckles". My question is why do men cheat on their seemingly attractive wives with less attractive women?

Halle Berry, Janet Jackson, Garcelle Beavais-Nilon, Tiger's ex-wife (Elin) and most recently Eva Longoria are all part of the "get cheated on with the less attractive chick  club". After 2 years of marriage Eric Benet & Halle Berry had to call it quits. Mr. Benet was apparently treated for sex addiction at one point in their marriage. Actress Garcelle was irate when she found out about her husband’s affair, homegirl sent out an angry note to her then hubby’s collegaues detailing her devastation about the betrayal.

Halle Berry and Eric Benet

Declared one of the sexiest women in the world by countless magazines Eva Longoria’s fame was not enough to keep her husband Tony Parker from straying. He was allegedly “sexting” with a former team mate’s wife.
Eva Longoria and Tony Parker

Here's my disclaimer. I don't believe all men cheat. I do however believe that men in power are more susceptible to cheating. Celebrities often live in a bubble clouded by the easy access to women and money. People are more willingly to turn a blind eye to any and all inappropiate behavior. Hell, Tiger had a whole staff of people who's sole purpose was to keep the wool over's wife eyes.
         Tiger and Elin in happier days

Here's what I know for sure. Men don't cheat because of looks. Usually when an person steps outside of the committed relationship it's because they are searching for something they feel is lacking in their relationship. It's obvisouly a very selfish, primal need and has no reflection on the person being cheated on. Your wife won't let you drink, well your side chick keeps the beer in the fridge. Your girl won't do the freaky issh you want, well the side is waiting to you show you new tricks.
         Actress Garcelle Beavais-Nilon with former husband Mike Nilon

It's sad but true. Again this a reflection of the man and says nothing about the value of the woman. Ladies cheat too. The truth of the matter is that a relationship takes work. Communication is key and discussing any and all issues will usually cost you less than cheating on your partner. As for Arnold and Maria word on the street is that they didn't have a prenup. Word on the street is she has hired a divorce lawyer and will most likely walk away with over half of his 250 million dollar fortune. It's cheaper to keep her.

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