Saturday, May 21, 2011 Editor breaks her silence on life changing decision

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Last night I picked up my June issue of Marie Claire Magazine on (news stands right now) with Kate Hudson and Gennifer Goodwin stars of the movie "Something Borrowed"on the front cover. Flipping through the pages I noticed a beautiful  brown sista smiling back at me with the caption "The Secret I Dont Want to Keep Anymore" I immediately flipped the pages to her article to find out what the big secret was.

Boy was I in for a surprise!

Click in to find out more about Janet's BIG news

Turns out that Janet Mock a editor came out on Wednesday as a transgender woman. Yep folks, her birth name was Charles Mock and Janet was born a male. Shocking right? She began taking estrogen while still in high school and had saved up enough money for gender reassignment surgery by winter break of her freshman year at college. So it’s not surprising that, until now, many of the people in her life (including coworkers) didn’t know about her past.

I applaud her of speaking out on such a serious topic! It must not be easy sharing a HUGE secret like this with the world. Takes a lot of courage. And this is very childish of me and I realize I shouldn't be saying this BUT girlfriend looks GREAT! I mean damn! Janet is seriously one of the best looking women I have ever seen. Homegirl looks better than a lot of natural born females. Kudos to her. Ok now I got that out of the way..

On a more serious note, check out Janet's story as she sheds light in the "It Get's Better Campaign" below. And read more of her story at Marie Claire


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