Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Maria and maid had babies days apart!

You can't even make up this kind of drama.

According to Pop Eater Arnold Schwarzenegger's love child with the maid was born just days apart from his son with his wife Maria Shriver. Yep you heard correctly. 5 days apart! So this means that his mistress and his wife were both pregnant at the same time with his children.

I cant deal! This is just all kinds of wrong!

In case that mental image isn't enough, while Shriver was puttering around their house pregnant with Schwarzenegger's baby, their housekeeper was puttering around their house, cleaning and also pregnant with his baby.

Just insane! Thoughts?

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  1. That is insane.. But for an even more mental image, imagine that the only thing left was for the 2 women to be in the same hospital, same ward, beds next to each other so they swap their nasty hospital jelly pots and custard, same attending nurse/doctor, trading war stories about how they are carrying some famous body building actor's baby (with a bad accent btw), but didn't twig that it was the same chap who'd knocked them up... Allthe while wondering why they seem to get the same kinda flowers which their mutual scumbag got his chauffer to pick up from the pertol station on his way to the hospital..

    But that's just my 'controversial' thoughts for laughs... No offence meant by it..


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