Friday, April 8, 2011

Ashley Judd's makeup artist must not like her

Actress Ashley Judd's makeup artist must really have it out for her. There is absolutely no reason for her to have all this loose powder on her face! Someone's getting fired for this!

The actress, who was promoting her new memoir "All That Is Bitter And Sweet" at a Fifth Ave when these unfortunate pictures were taken.




  1. I noticed this with a lot of celebs..white powder, they say it's MUFE HD powder...same thing happened to me once with milk of magnesia. Sometimes makeup looks matte & great f2f & just doesn't photograph well.

  2. A dang gone shame. I'm sure it wasn't malicious but this is unacceptable.

  3. I am a MUA and I use MUFE HD Powder. It is a MUST under the eyes to catch falling shadow while doing eye make up. However, when all of that is said and done, it MUST be whisked away with a brush and then toned down with either powder or foundation. I am a Black woman and I have not ever walked out like this...and it would show up more on my skin than on Ashley's. I think the MUS was rushing and did not have time to whisk this away after applying the eyeshadows and such.


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