Friday, March 4, 2011

Stars without make-up: Kerry Washington

This week's edition is with celeb actress Kerry Washington. These pics are from mediatakeout and capture the actress without makeup on. Honestly so what she has acne..girlfriend cleans up well.



  1. I love it...I have acne scarring so I can relate. It's great to see a real no makeup shot. More people should realize that even some celebs have acne, they just get their face "beat" by pros not to mention airbrushing...then people might stop spending $ on proactiv/every other otc med and see a dermatologist!

  2. Honestly, her skin is not that bad.

    I'm a black woman and I can understand hyperpigmentation. Obviously she is not going through a current breakout, that's gone....but the marks are still there...that's black skin for you.

    I love it and I say go head on baby girl with NO make-up. Her skin is smooth and not in 3D if you know what I mean, so work it Keri!


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