Friday, March 18, 2011

Rebecca Black Cried Over All the Nasty Comments

Rebecca Black
Paul Rodriguez/The Orange County Register/Zuma
By now I'm sure you guys have heard about Rebecca Black's new song called Friday? If you haven't about this song please check it out here. It is awesomely bad. Black has been ripped on all on the social networking sites for having what some consider the worst song ever.

What I didnt know is that Rebecca is only 13!! 13!!

"Those hurtful comments really shocked me," Black, 13, tells the Daily Beast. "At times, it feels like I'm being cyberbullied."

The worst words she's received? " 'I hope you cut yourself, and I hope you'll get an eating disorder so you'll look pretty,' " Black said on Friday's Good Morning America. "When I first saw all the nasty comments, I did cry … I don't think I'm the worst singer, but I don't think I'm the best."

Poor thing! Well look at the bright side, at least people know your name. Use this exposure to capitalize on your 15 minutes of fame Rebecca!


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