Sunday, March 13, 2011

Looking at other women when your girl's around

Ladies let's face it, we all know that our men check out other women when we are around and they definitely do it when we are not around. What they don't know is that we also check out other men but that's another topic for another day.

AskMen has an interesting article about the roving eye issue and here is what they think about it from a man's perspective:
  • Don't feel guilty about checking out other women. It's in our genes.
  • Cover your tracks by criticizing the other woman's appearance in front of your girlfriend.
  • Sometimes it's best to be honest: Own up to checking out other women

You can read the entire article here by Chris Illumaniti

I love the point of the guy being honest about looking at other women. There is nothing wrong with looking as long it's done within reason. Just because you are with someone, doesn't mean your eyes stop working.


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