Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Infidelity in a relationship - does time heal all wounds?

Check out the picture above of South African socialite Primrose Crous with her businessman hubby Theunis Crous.  Primrose tweeted today about her relationship and said: And I love it when people say We make a #PerfectCouple♥ GOD Bless you all☺
Isnt that sweet? Lovely right? She even tweeted more things that she loved about her boo saying...
  • I love it when he kisses Me on forehead and tells Me he loves Me
  • I love it when he is honest with "Me"
  • I love it when he knows what he has at home and he won't let anything mess that up lol 
How can you be mad at love like that? This woman clearly loves her husband.

Oh how quickly we forget...

Sometime last year, scandal broke out in the Crous household with Theunis going around town with a new side piece while still married to Primrose.The woman pictured below is not his wife but was his side piece of the moment Khanyi Mbau. After a while Theunis "came to his senses" and returned to his wife who stood by his side and trashed his mistress by the wayside. When will side chicks ever learn?
So today's hot topic is centered around infidelity and trust. Can a relationship truly rebound after the trust has been broken? Let me hear your thoughts...

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