Friday, March 11, 2011

How old is too old for a binky?

Suri Cruise the daughter of  actors Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes sure loves her high heels. Is it even appropriate for a girl this young to be wearing heels? But that's not why she is the news this week.

The little girl who rocks Christian Louboutins was spotted around town rockin a pacifer or "binky". Suri is 5 years old. So my question for you today is, how old is too old for a pacifier?


  1. too old. too old. too damn old!

  2. I think there's nothing wrong with it lol; there's something "comforting" about a binky or sucking one's thumb...doesn't hurt anyone either :)

  3. Let the kid be...I used to get on my 3yo niece about her thumb sucking until my 'sta told me in could be worse, after spending time with other 3yo kids I agree. She is not throwing tantrums or biting other kids. She's brilliant bright otherwise well-mannered.

  4. LOL @ Deborah! I also think 5 is a little old. It's a bit unhygienic and could potentially mess up the child's teeth. Suri carries $1300 bags, she can stand to get off the binky!


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