Sunday, February 6, 2011

Naomi Campbell's former agents put her on BLAST!

Do you guys remember that diamond trial that Naomi Campbell was forced to testify in regarding war crimes against former Liberian president Charles Taylor? Well Ms. Campbell's former modeling agent is now spilling the deets about her version of what really happened with the "dirty little pebbles" as Naomi famously called them.

According to Carol White Nay-Nay's former agent‘Naomi knew it was illegal to take diamonds that might have been used to fund atrocities. Why she denied what really happened I don’t know. I suppose, having denied it, she couldn’t retract. I thought, and Naomi agreed, “Let’s just give them to charity”, which she did [the model handed the stones over to a representative from one of Mandela’s charities].

Recently Naomi spoke out publicly about the trial in the British GQ Magazine saying "I was afraid for my own life and I was afraid for the life of my family. If you hear someone has killed thousands of people—of course I was afraid! One more person is not going to make a difference"

Please. Naomi being afraid of anyone? With her temper? Try again Nay-Nay.

What do you guys think?

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