Thursday, February 24, 2011

Controversial New York City Anti-Abortion Billboard

A controversial anti-abortion billboard went up in New York City and it is causing quite the firestorm. The ad sponsored by the Dallas-based pro-life group "Life Always." has a picture of a young black girl with lettering saying "the most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb". 

The group's leader who is African American says that the black community needs to wake up and realize what's going on with this practice and that abortion is having a serious impact on the African American demography.. On the other side of the ring, pro-life advocates say comparing a woman's legal right to abortion is absurd. They claim it's insulting to suggest that all African American women do is abort their babies.

Here are the facts: Two out of five pregnancies in New York City end in an abortion, giving the city an overall abortion rate of 41 percent. Among black women in New York City, the abortion rate is reportedly 59.8 percent, while the abortion rate for Hispanic women is 41.3 percent and the rate for white women is 20.4 percent. The rate for abortions among Asian women in New York is 22.7 percent.

I want to hear your thoughts on this. Do you find the ad offensive?


  1. This IS offensive to a disgusting degree. I do not care what the stats say or that African American Women in NYC have the highest incident of abortion, please! This ad is attacking us without understanding just what motivates these women to make that choice or how they even got there.

    NO. ONE. LIKES. ABORTION. Not even the women that have them. There are so many factors, thoughts and feeling that go into that. Maybe they're the product of a single parent home? Maybe they do not have the support of the father? Maybe they do not want to give their child the same single parent upbringing they had? Maybe they don't have the means to care for the child?

    All this talk of abortion what about the women who had their babies and are struggling now? Where are the people like the ones behind this ad now? What help do they offer the single mother who's bawling her heart out to God right now because she doesn't have the money to feed her baby? Tell me?

    There IS a problem in our community with abortion, un-safe sex and HIV, I get it. I am doing my part to help all that I can. But people, let's not tear each other down. That is what this Billboard is doing. It sparked this debate but come on. There are other ways to get the point across.

    Moms, Dads, Aunts, to your Children about safe sex, about protecting and loving themselves. This starts at HOME, at home, no where else. It starts in YOUR home. Let's let the veil of shame be removed from our faces, talk, please talk to your children about life...they need to hear it from you

  2. Oh my goawwwwwwwwsh! Okay, so you trying to make point i get it but that's a bit much!


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